Bojan Šaković

Frontend Developer

About me

Hi! I'm Bojan Sakovic, Front End Web Designer and Developer based in Belgrade, Serbia. I’m constantly learning web technologies, after mastering HTML5 and CSS3, I got my hands on Javascript and JQuery. I feel confident using frameworks like Bootstrap and CMS such as Wordpress. When I want to make things nicer I'm also confortable using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. In my free time I love walking my dog, playing sports and hanging out with friends.


Computer school "IT Academy", Belgrade, Serbia
Linux Server and Desktop Administration.

JAVA Programming language.
Computer school “Vinca”, Belgrade, Serbia
Essentials of Java Programming language.


HML5 / CSS3   100%

JavaScript / JQuery   86%

Java / PHP   63%

Bootstrap / Wordpress   76%

Photoshop / Illustrator   54%


If you need a website,
feel free to send me an email: