”Back then I needed to meet people who would not treat me superficially as was the case back home, people who could sit at a table for hours just chatting, singing songs and always having an awful lot to say. This Belgrade period simply healed my soul…”
Erskine Caldwell, writer

Belgrade Nightlife

E very evening numerous nightclubs awake the dreaming spirit of Belgrade which is difficult to resist. The city doesn’t have a particular day “reserved” for having good time, and every day in a week promises some great fun. The night is yours, whether it’s Monday, Wednesday or Friday, while on weekends the entire city pulses with the beat of great nightlife.

River Boats

N owadays, the famous “splavs” (floating river clubs) are a cultural phenomenon known only in this region. They were transformed from places for relaxation into true attraction, and became one of the things that must not be missed when you’re visiting Serbia.


P eople in Belgrade were born to create a great atmosphere, and they know how to party hard. Whatever mood you’re in, entering any of Belgrade’s night clubs will bring a smile back to your face.

Night Clubs

In Belgrade every day is treated like Friday – people think nothing of clubbing through the night and going straight into work the next morning. That may sound unimaginably hedonistic to people from a nation where almost everything shuts at 11pm, but Belgrade’s all-night clubs and very cheap booze.

Live Music

T here are many clubs all around Belgrade with live music. Most of them are hosting rock 'n roll and jazz bands, domestic and forreign. Prices of drinks are like in every nightclub in Belgrade and bands are so good that will make your night out unforgettable.


B elgrade is full of diverse celebrations and events that can truly enrich one's stay here. Planning according to some of the events like Mikser Festival, Belef Festival, Belgrade Calling, Belgrade Boat Festival, Belgrade Beer Fest, and many more, can really make your trip all the more incredible.


M ost Serbian restaurants serve the national cuisine, but there are more than plenty with international food and a wide variety of different cuisines is available. Generally, Serbian traditional food involves a lot of grilled meat, beans and many cabbage-based meals. Belgrade restaurants will give you flavors of Mediterranean, Oriental, and central European dishes.


W hether you want to taste traditional Serbian drink rakija, relax with a glass of wine or try local beer, Belgrade pubs is where you find it all.

Serbian National Music

I n the last few years, amongst the younger people, partying in “kafana” is becoming a popular alternative to clubbing, where you will enjoy traditional Serbian music popularly called “Tamburica” (named after the instrument “little Tamboura”).